My children all fall into the small section of the height and weight (except Tommy, but he’s dropped quite a bit since his meds changed) charts at the doctor’s office. Their heads may be a bit bobble-head sized, but luckily they all have petite little feet. Well, in length they do. Evan just got his first pair of real shoes. Yes, I know you’ve had your child in $42 stride rites since they were 2 months old but I think baby feet are happiest naked. At any rate, Evan must have been annoyed at the amount of hand-me-downs in his life. He decided to have wide feet so that he would get new shoes every spring. Not just wide but, extra wide feet. Do you have any idea how hard it is to fit a baby in extra wide shoes? I think he’ll be getting lots of shoes from Internet stores.

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  1. My feet have almost always been as wide as they are long, I can relate to Evan. I can’t get women’s dress shoes hardly. Now I have bunions to beat making them even wider. I always bought boys shoes that were wider for me.

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