feels like Monday

My Mother gave me gift cards to buy myself something for my birthday. As I walked into the store formerly known as Proffitts, I pulled the heavy door over my foot and toes. I danced a little jig and hopped on in the store as blood poured from the spot where skin used to cover my toe. I tried to buy a shirt only to be told that only one method of payment per transaction was allowed. Frustrated, I went to the Mac counter. The colors have always looked appealing and birthday money seemed like something that could be wasted on cosmetics. The employee working the Mac department looked really busy and I waited patiently for her to finish her task until a college student walked up behind me. At that point, the employee zipped right past me and offered to help the college student who was standing behind me. I suppose the employee could have felt I didn’t look like I could afford their products, but I feel pretty certain that she just decided I am too old for their makeup. Either way, my toe was throbbing so I just left and went to Target. I used my gift card for diapers and went home to wiggle my loose toenail.

2 thoughts on “feels like Monday

  1. Only one form payment per transaction? Sorry, that is just plain stupid.

    Toe? Ow…ow…ow.

    Getting passed up at the cosmetics counter?


    What can I say but… Sorry about that chief.

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