good marketing

After the movie (which was about 15 minutes too long for a 4-year-old girl), we went to Tar-jay for laundry detergent and listened to another family debating whether their very small child should get the Mater or Lightning t-shirt.  Then, we went to Krogrrr for dinner ingredients and listened to two elementary-aged children squealing with delight over Mater’s presence on something in the yogurt section.  Amy freaks out every time the McD’s Happy Meal commercial advertises the little car treats.  Even though you know you’ll have to watch it until your eyes bleed when it comes out on DVD, go ahead and see it on the big screen.  Now I just have to figure out how to talk Doug into getting the soundtrack for me.  He’s always too busy to acknowledge holidays.  He looked very surprised when I reminded him that today is Amy’s 4th birthday (the reason we decided to go to the movies today).  Yay Amy!

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