life is a rock

Arthur Janoff, Primal screamin'
Hawkins J. and Dale and Ronnie
Kukla Fran and Norman Okla
Denver John and Osmond Donny
J.J. Cale and ZZ Top
And L.L. Bean and Dee Dee Dinah
David Bowie, Steely Dan
And sing me proud oh C.C. Rider
Edgar Winters, Joanie Summers
Ides of March and Johnny Thunder
Eric Clapton, pedal wah-wah
Stephen Foster, ooo-dah, ooo-dah
Good Vibrations, Help Me Rhonda
Surfer Girl and Little Honda
Tighter, Tighter, Honey, Honey
Sugar, Sugar, Yummy, Yummy
C.B.S. and Warner Brothers
R.C.A. and all the others
Just because I like it. :)

One thought on “life is a rock

  1. We used to sing this! (or try to, we were kinda young)

    I remember when it came out, that year we had a road trip and it kept coming on the radio. I’m sure we drove our parents nuts.

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