why I babysat on the weekends

Thank you Aaron Spelling.  You made the weekend television of my youth worth watching.  Of course, you made the kind of television that wasn’t allowed in my parents’ home, so I made sure I had a babysitting job or a friend to stay with on Love Boat/Fantasy Island night.  Whether your naughty shows brought out my wild side as a teenager or my predisposition to be wild teenager made your shows attractive to me is a question that I won’t try to answer.  Your shows were fun and silly and full of beautiful people living exciting lives.  Thank you for the memories.

One thought on “why I babysat on the weekends

  1. You know, for the past few years, I have mostly reviled Spelling, first for forcing his acting challenged daughter down our throats and then for 7th Heaven.

    But when it was all said and done, you are right, so much of my misspent youth in front of the t.v. was thanks to him.

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