a gripe

Our car has no a/c, so the windows stay down when we are out and about.  It is not the rest of Knoxville’s responsibility to adjust their lives because our windows are down.  I don’t care if your car is pounding base that makes my fillings rattle or even if I can hear your car radio, usually.  Last week we were trapped at a red light in 100 degree heat with all of our children, next to a man who was enjoying his music.  The problem was that his music was way beyond obscene.  Every other word was a curse word or a request for an intimate activity.  It was so bad that I was embarrassed.  The children looked shocked and I felt like our family had been assaulted.  That man was rude, inconsiderate and uncivilized.  I am just happy that Doug didn’t peel his angry fingers off the steering wheel and hop out of the car to try and remedy the situation.

One thought on “a gripe

  1. Our AC broke again, so we are doing the window thing too. I’ve had that happen a few times, with the obsene music and it isn’t fun. Especially when the 4 and 5 year olds start asking what the words mean. Yikes!

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