rental house saga part 14

The house next door to us is a rental property owned by a landlord who I find annoying. I blame him for the series of unfortunate tenants that he has had living there. Doug thinks it’s just the nature of rental property to attract unusual people. I was disappointed when the most recent tenants left several months ago. Except for the weekends when they were all home and the cove was filled with the 11 cars belonging to all the people living there, they were guiet neighbors. They had to leave because the house is apparently haunted. Riiiight. The people before them were terrible. They borrowed phones from everyone in the cove and asked for rides several times a week. Traffic came and went at all hours. They went to Wal-Mart and came home with bags of stuff every single day but never went to work anywhere. All the furniture, appliances and cars were leased and every few months it would all be “stolen”. The rental car kept being the victim of hit and runs but it was always the front fender that was crushed. When they finally left, they abandoned dogs, cats and several other small pets. Yesteray, we got new tenants next door. Time will tell but I hope that’s not a pit bull I see . . .

4 thoughts on “rental house saga part 14

  1. We currently rent, but we’re normal. We’ve had a few neighbors in the past that sound a lot like yours. When we lived in Texas, we owned our home, BUT we had some people next door that would make your neighbors seem like Grade A tenants. Once they moved out, the landlord had to remove all of the carpet and have the home fumigated.

  2. I’ve been a renter and I have never acted the way our past neighbors have acted which is why I think the landlord is the real problem. Two tenants ago, the renters filled the entire back shed and garage with trash. Tons and tons of trash.

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