I skipped last year’s Blogathon because I was sorta busy taking care of a newborn. Since it has been two years since I did a blogathon, I have sufficiently forgotten enough to consider participating in it this year. Anyone want to do a group blog for the blogathon on Saturday, July 29th? Maybe a group of East Tennesseans blogging for Second Harvest? Or a group of parents blogging for the Autism Society? Or La Leche? Or we could create a selfish fund called “send Cathy away for a weekend”? Just kidding on the last one. Anyone want to blog for charity?

3 thoughts on “blogathon

  1. I had originally actually considered doing the Blog-a-thon for the Autism Society or Farm-Aid, but backed away. I certainly would consider being participating as part of a team though (if you will have me).

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