breathe in, breathe out

It’s Monday. The family calendar is intimidating. School is just around the corner. Evan has officially become the world’s worst sleeper. I have five days until the Blogathon and no sponsors. I’m going to the medicine cabinet and get out the very last, saved for an emergency, therapeutic intervention medication. Yes, I’m going to eat the last Little Debbie snack in the house. The one that I kept hidden in the bathroom. Doesn’t everyone hide chocolate?

3 thoughts on “breathe in, breathe out

  1. My daughter has slept through the night I think ONCE in six years. Evan still has a long way to go to usurp her for world’s worst sleeper.

    We got a bit of a late start. We will get the sponsors… I hope.

    I now need to go apologize to my wife for laughing at her “In Case of Emergency” Chocolate Stash.

  2. A better question is where DOESN’T she hide them? She has multiple stashes, so even if one is found she still has backups.

    Some known previous hiding spots lingerie drawer, taped to curtain in bedroom, in an empty “VHS Cleaner” Case in the Movie cabinet, taped under her desk. And these are only the ones that I (or my daughter) have stumbled across.

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