when life gives you lemons

You eat them. Well, you do if you’re a 14-month-old boy. All of my other children just took the lemon slice, tasted it and made a sour face. Doesn’t everybody offer babies lemons just to see the sour face? Okay, everyone except you. Anywho, Evan just took a big bite out of it and ate the lemon, rind and all. Noah felt like it was a competition and tried to repeat the lemon eating. Noah’s lemon didn’t stay down.

3 thoughts on “when life gives you lemons

  1. When my oldest was 3 months old, his pediatrician said to start giving him juices. She said to start with the lemon juice. I bought a lemon, squeezed it, and offered a teaspoonful to the baby. It’s not my fault that no one told me I was supposed to add water, right? I still remember his cute little sour face, it was so adorable! Now he’s 13yo and he eats whole lemons raw… go figure.

  2. Apparently nobody informed Evan that he was not supposed to like them 😉

    I gave my daughter Grapefruit around the same age (hey… she was begging for me to share), and the expression was truly priceless.

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