Belk’s bites

This is cruddy news. Parisian’s end-of-season sales were the best! Proffitts and Parisian were shiny clean, well-stocked and helpfully staffed. Parisian had the best bathroom a nursing mother could find. Since Belk took over, the quality of merchandise has dropped drastically. The bathrooms are filthy and broken. As for the employees? Well, the day I opened the door which didn’t have a rubber seal on the bottom and it dragged right over my toes, ripping off my toenail and breaking my toe, an employee sat watching. She sat there at a table filled with empty applications for new employees and watched me get hurt. She watched as I cried out in pain and she watched as I slowly limped in toward the restroom with blood pouring into my sandal and tears running down my face. She looked right at my swollen, bleeding foot and just sat there. I think Belk’s is low quality and low class. I’m very disappointed about the loss of Parisian.

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  1. Thank you for asking. When I walk, the toe has a wierd “dead feeling” but it hurts like crazy if it is bumped or stepped on by Evan.

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