we didn’t call the fire department

We frequently have a large water cooler on the counter for the children to use. It is usually filled with koolaid or lemonade. The children love that they can drink and drink without emptying it. Doug loves it because, well, I don’t know why he loves it so. Maybe just because of the looks on people’s faces when they see that big orange thing on our counter. I get tired of scrubbing it out and try to put away occasionally. Yesterday, I cleaned it and put it at the top of the stairs to take down on my next trip down the stairs. A few minutes later Amy started screaming because she had crawled in the cooler and was stuck. I stuck my hands in her armpits and pulled and she screamed louder. I tried reaching inside to wiggle her body free and she shrieked and howled as if I was killing her. I held the cooler sideways and had Sarah try holding Amy while I tugged on the cooler. More hysterics ensued. I turned the cooler upside down over the couch and shook it back and forth and up and down until Amy was sobbing and shrieking. Finally, we called Dad up from the dungeon. He snickered and we worked her body out while Doug made jokes about “rebirthing”. Today, the cooler sits empty on the kitchen table so that Amy can periodically wander by and give it the evil eye. I think I can put it away for a few weeks without complaints from the peanut gallery.

6 thoughts on “we didn’t call the fire department

  1. Was her hair stuck on the spout? I have images of her legs hanging out and swinging like a bell as you try to shake her loose from it.

  2. We were too busy trying to get her out and she was too hysterical to put up with us turning it into a photo moment.

    She went in feet first but bent her feet and ankles funny so that it twisted them when we pulled. Her lower back and knees were completely wedged inside. The next step was gonna be putting her outside and using the water hose. Our neighbors would have loved it. Sarah suggests that we re-enact it for pictures.

  3. Sarah just informed me that she accidentally deleted it.

    Just imagine all of Amy’s body (fetal position) within the orange barrel and only her head sticking out.

    We really should have taken a few seconds for a picture. Once in a lifetime moment! But she really was scared.

    I wonder what would have happened if we had opened the valve?

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