sarcastic snipe about cupcakes

Gee, I sure am glad I have Knox County’s school board to dictate how much and what my children should eat at school. Heaven forbid that they allow children to actually enjoy special occasions with fun foods. After all, we don’t want children to learn moderation when we could simply ban sweets altogether so that children binge on them every single chance they get. Taking away the pizza parties that happen at most twice a year and denying small children cupcakes on their birthdays is certainly a fair and appropriate way to deal with the fact that some children have weight problems. Some children are allergic to peanuts, so we should ban all peanut butter and every single food made with peanut oil from the schools, too. Some children have diabetes, so let’s ban sugars. Some children are autistic, so let’s ban gluten and all foods with red dyes. OR, maybe the schools should serve nutritious meals with fresh fruits and vegetables and allow parents to decide how the children will celebrate their birthdays or their year of hard work.

This is going to put a major crimp in Girl Scout cookie sales.

4 thoughts on “sarcastic snipe about cupcakes

  1. We went through this a couple of years ago.

    They’ve now moderated our local policy, allowing children to bring treats on their birthdays. But they still won’t sell ice cream on Fridays (ice cream sandwiches and things like popsicles, one of my favorite memories from elementary school)

    I agree that banning things doesn’t teach much (other than to dislike the rules).

  2. What’s wrong with schools these days? My daughter is allergic to peanuts and we’ve never had a problem. The teachers are aware of her allergy and so is my daughter. I’m teaching her to just be aware of what she eats.

    I think schools are doing more of a disservice to kids by banning these things. Teaching moderation is far more effective and it’s a lesson that will likely stick with them throughout life.

  3. One of the many things that I have garnered soooo many friends on the schoolboard over. (It is hard to convey sarcasm sometimes).

    It is amazing how stupid a person can become once being elected into a position. Even one as seemingly unimportant as this.

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