5 thoughts on “i sing the body prosthetic

  1. I cannot imagine having two done at once. My mom had one of hers done six years ago and needs to have the other one done soon. Since I am an only daughter, it was a rude awakening having the roles reversed. The therapists told her that she did much better than the men afterward because she tolerated the pain better than they did and she did not whine about the exercises they made her do.

  2. My grandmother had both knees done at the same time about 10 years ago. She never had any trouble and was up and walking the same day.

  3. First rule: Long Jump training for the Olympic team has to stop. Sorry but it’s just a cold, hard reality one must face.

  4. Although I have not had knee replacement surgery, I have had surgery done on my knees several times, and the best word I can muster (on a family website) is OOOOOOUCH!

    The surgery itself is tough. The afterwards is grueling both physically AND mentally. Just try to keep mom from getting too frustrated as is often the case when people want to “get back to normal” and sometimes wind up hindering their progressing by trying to do too much too soon.

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