This week, I got a BusyBodyBook in the mail. I obviously hadn’t read the website close enough, because there were several things about it that surprised me. It’s smaller than a piece of paper and surprisingly thin. There is a card slot in the front for my “mommy cards” and a pocket to fill with notes from schools. There’s a place to write a grocery list every week and tons of space for scribbling down stuff I need to blog. It has a helpful bookmark and a huge section of tear out “to do” lists. This would be a great planning tool for homeschoolers and an awesome meal planner or food journal (especially if you’re tracking your glucose levels). I’m going to try using it to keep track of all the children’s activities. I did go to their website and print out a week that I’m going to use as a chore chart. The children will be thrilled. “Mutherrrr.”

New stuff = my happy for today.

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