soundtrack needed

After looking at my blog stats, it is clear that I need a “Domestic Psychology” theme song. Any lyrics suggestions? Apparently I also need a pedicure. I’ll paint my toenails if Evan naps today. I can’t do anything for whoever ends up here looking for SpongeBob. He’s not here and if he was, I would use him to wash the dishes.

6 thoughts on “soundtrack needed

  1. Proof that you don’t understand us. Our sum is not greater than our parts and we are not living in a reality we’ve manipulated and distorted.

  2. wow. where’d that come from?

    War is evil + Bush sucks = Republicans are always wrong and every asinine liberal ideal is right

  3. Michael – great choices!
    Matt – Doug is the paranoid conspiracy theorist, but we both think politics(both sides) has completely lost touch with reality. Have you “wiki’d” the meaning of 2+2=5?

  4. I never meant it any deeper than the title in reference to your politics. As you know, I’m an MBA student now and must embrace all that is republican.

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