continuing saga of the neighbors

The rental house next door to us is empty again. The silent family, who were practically invisible, moved out in the night. The landlord has called the police and is having a tantrum on his driveway. Doug guesses that it’s the ghost that keeps driving people away after only a month or two. I feel like having the Waltons living next door makes them double up on birth control and head for the hills. For the record, that’s “quiet and invisible” which replaced the “seven cars but quiet all adult household” which replaced the “thieving, con-artist, dangerously unstable and possible meth-makers” which replaced the “hard-partying single mom of seven who frequently left them all home alone” which replaced the um, I’ve lost track. For what it’s worth, our cove is much more entertaining than any tv neighborhood.

One thought on “continuing saga of the neighbors

  1. Whoa, I’m starting to feel like you live on my block.

    I don’t mind the quiet ones. It’s the ones that park their car sideways on my lawn and can’t find the front door at three AM so they yell for someone to turn on the porchlight that really get me going.

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