Dear teacher,

Tonight is one of four “open” houses that I attend this year. This will be my third open house at your school. I do not want to complain about the fact that your event should not be called an open house when it is such a long, structured event that it should be called parent night or orientation. I do want to ask that you please not waste your time or mine by having each and every teacher reading the class rules to the parents. We read those when our children brought them home the first day of class. I am well aware that many parents never read the papers their children bring home, but those parents don’t bother attending open house. They are “too busy”. Everyone at open house “makes” the time to read and attend and be involved. We are just as busy as the “too busy” parents. If you start reading the rules to me, I will get out my planner and work on my grocery list until you are done. I apologize in advance for my rudeness, but I should not be the target of your frustrations.


2 thoughts on “Dear teacher,

  1. I remember when I was in elementary (and even middle) school. Open house meant the parents came, wandered around the school, went into the various classrooms randomly and at their own pace, oohed and aahed over macaroni art, perhaps had some cookies and ginger ale, and left.
    There was none of this sitting in tiny desks and listening to a 45 minute lecture about field trips, classroom items needed, rules, etc.
    It’s a bitch that I’m such an involved parent and feel it’s necessary to attend this tedious things.

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