how to make me crazy (-er)

conversation with my father –
Dad: “You WILL be taking care of your mother for the next 2 months won’t you? Can I count on you or do I need to hire a nurse?”
Me: “Dad, I don’t think she is going to require that level of care.”
Dad: “Can I count on you or not.”
Me: “Fine. Whatever you need.”

conversation with my mother –

Mom: “Maybe you should have Sarah sleep here at night to take care of me since you can only be here during the day. You can just drive her to and from school.”

I’ll be spending Monday at Park West as my mother gets her bionic woman knees. Apparently my job as oldest child/only daughter is to provide constant care for the next 6-8 weeks. Sigh. I’ll turn on the camera before I leave in the morning so you can watch Doug chase Evan all day.

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