Lady Godiva to Church Lady

My mother won’t wear a dress or jumper like the physical therapists, the nurses and I have all suggested. “I can’t wear a dress for physical therapy.” She wants me to find pants that fit over her bulky leg brace. Since she has to make alterations to all of her pants without the addition of a large brace, this should be an impossible task. I guess it’s an improvement from the last 3 days spent in only a see-thru hospital gown so whacked out on morphine that she didn’t realize and/or care when visitors came to see her.
“If you won’t wear underwear you need to wear your robe.”
“No, everything hurts when it touches my skin.”

3 thoughts on “Lady Godiva to Church Lady

  1. I can understand that comment. When I had my surgery last winter everything hurt that touched my skin too. But it could have been because of the rash from the steri strips.

  2. How about a pair of those “Tear Away” (snap open?) sweat pants? This way it can be put on AROUND her leg and not need to be slipped OVER it?

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