school is like, okay

I have written repeatedly about Tommy and Noah’s school trials and tribulations. I don’t say much about Sarah’s “academic performance” because without any effort she pretty much makes straight B’s with a few A’s thrown in for no clear reason. When I say no effort, I mean lazily do as little as humanly possible so she can get back to her social life. I rarely say anything to Sarah any more about school because it is a battle I fought and lost with her. Doug continues to try and motivate some change in her attitude. “But, if she had done this one extra credit assignment she would have made an A in the class.” Sarah’s goal is to stay as busy as possible doing everything not academic. She is the historian for the student council, active in BNN (the school’s version of news broadcasters), crazy about art club and trying out for the yearbook and student newspaper committees. If she’s been at home for more than an hour, I can safely guess that she’s plotting an escape to a friend’s house or the mall. I choose to give up on the studying battle and prepare myself for whatever she throws at us in high school. I’m pretty confidant it will have to do with partying.

2 thoughts on “school is like, okay

  1. This isn’t all that uncommon for her age. At least you can take solace in the fact that she is so involved in SCHOOL activities and not just standing around on street corners with her buddies (yet).

  2. my 2c
    at least she is learning the non academic stuff – relationship building – heck thats important, planning and organising – gee – she wont ever need that will she doug! and historian and news broadcasting – wow – thats amazing – id be soooo thankful if i had a chance to learn that as a kid
    be glad the academic stuff is happening for her effortlessly and encourage her in the real world activities she is pouring herself into, at the end of the day the academic stuff is nowhere near as useful as the ability build and maintain relationships and organise yourself

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