9 thoughts on “yay, boo

  1. My kids have gone there to see my brother play in his band and stayed awhile. It’s not just a bar, it’s a restaurant. I’m not sure if I’m going or my whole family’s going, but it wouldn’t bother me to bring my kids for a while..

    Maybe you guys could come in shifts..

  2. Friday is Mary from fireflies and frogs birthday. I am hoping all her friends will stop by and wish her happy birthday

  3. Aside from beer, Barley’s has awesome pizza, and upstairs there are several pool tables and a room that can be reserved. If they reserve that room for the blogger party, there’d probably be plenty of room for the kids to run around.
    I seriously doubt we’ll be going. There just aren’t that many East Tennessee blogs we read regularly. I’d feel bad saying “I’m sorry, I don’t read you.” to everyone.

  4. I don’t drink beer, but I love good hummus, and Barley’s has good hummus, at least, for a Pizzeria!

    I’ve got kids, but they’re all old enough to stay by themselves, although one or two might tag along with me.

    And don’t let unfamiliarity with ET blogs slow you down. There are literally millions of people who don’t read my blog. I no longer take it personally.*grin*

  5. You should be able to find a good decon suit around there somewhere – slap it on and slip a couple of radioactive ingots inside. It’s like a portable fishbowl!

  6. I’m sure he carries his own radioactive ingots at all time, if you know what I mean. A sackful.

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