conversation with my mother

“I can’t believe they aren’t letting me out of rehab this week. Chat, chat, chat and I fell out of my wheelchair this morning. Chat, chat, chat, but I bumped into something and ripped my leg open today. I didn’t know it until the physical therapist saw the blood everywhere. Chat, chat, chat. I just don’t understand why they think I need another week here.”

4 thoughts on “conversation with my mother

  1. It is so difficult to raise parents to understand such things isn’t it?

    I love how they just throw the facts in there, almost as an aside, as if they have no bearing on the situation what-so-ever.

  2. Yeah, I talk with my parents sometimes and after 10 minutes of me running my yap about unimportant stuff, they go in with the “So I went to the doctor and he found this mole…”
    And then they blow it off like it’s nothing.

  3. I wonder if it’s a generational thing. Just think about the reaction of a baby boomer to a mole found someplace on baby boomer’s said body. They’d be out looking for the zen of body moles. 🙂

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