i don’t feel safer

I will never get used to having my purse searched for no good reason. Yes, I entered a public event. However, I had 5 children with me and if you talked to me for 5 minutes, I’d bet good money that we’d find a personal connection. “My father goes to that church, too.” Was I embarrassed because you had to dig through my bag? No. Diapers, wipes, sippy cups, a cell phone, a camera and a wallet are all that you saw. It made me feel sad though. It certainly didn’t make me feel any safer because you were searching purses. How many females have gone on shooting sprees lately anyway?

2 thoughts on “i don’t feel safer

  1. Surely you’re not suggesting that we ignore those we know can’t be terrorist? In addition to making sense, it would in the warped world of many it somehow be racist. We have to search you, Grandma Moses and auntie Em, so Abu’s feelings aren’t hurt.

  2. As much as I hate to say is, Lane is right on the mark (for the most part). We apparently need to search a fair sampling of everybody so that we are not accused of “profiling”

    (Just for the record… Isn’t that the point of profiling? Finding the commonalities to increase chances of sucess!)

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