visions of paragraphs danced in my head

I don’t know how people like Philip do what they do. I can’t get more than three sentences written without an interruption or a child needing to be taken somewhere. When I actually brought home a paycheck, I had a horse and pony show that I did with my supervisor. At his workshops for DCS, teachers and generally, people without a special needs child, he liked me to show up and talk for an hour about some of my experiences. I have started trying to type the words that used to roll off my tongue improv. My life, my memories, my experiences should rapidly fill the screen. Instead, I start a thought and then I clean a spill. Then I try to finish that thought and I have to stop to wrestle a baby into a new diaper. I get a sentence typed and somebody wants a ride to karate. Maybe I should just try after Venture Brothers is over tonight.

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