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Since I started voyaging beyond my feed reader and actually posting comments like I should have been doing all along, I’ve noticed that people named “anonymous” amd “anon” seem to enjoy spreading hate in blog comments. What is the point in doing that? I like a good debate of ideas, but insulting and name calling doesn’t enlighten anyone’s belief system. You can disagree, ask questions and make suggestions without attacking, threatening and accusing. I disagree with people I love and care about, there’s nothing wrong with it. Just ask Doug how long it has been since I disagreed with him. But, if you don’t like the blogger or the blog, you should probably hold your tongue, or your fingers. I may sometimes read a blog that is pretty much a train wreck, but I won’t attack the blogger personally. You may rubber neck that car crash you are driving by, but you don’t spit on the unlucky drivers as you pass them by do you? I hope not.

4 thoughts on “commenting on blogs

  1. You’re ugly and our mom dresses you funny!

    Someone once told me that the Hinternets (tube-based as they are) have the collective mentality of a 12-year-old boy. Seems about right to me.

  2. See, that’s not an insult. Have you looked at the pictures from our childhood lately? Coordinating polyester nightmares. Shudder.

  3. You see you miss the point. These clueless clods spend time looking for ways to make themselves feel superior. At least in their own pea brains. Of course if you don’t feed the trolls they go away. Unfortunately that is often easier said than done.

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