do it because he said so

I am tired and stressed. I only understand current events, politics and pop culture from what the news media tell me. Oh, there’s also blogs that examine and discuss every little detail of every little thing that happens everywhere. So, I am always grateful when a Hollywood celebrity of any variety decides to jump in front of a camera and tell me what to think. I am incapable of thinking for myself despite my college education, constant blog reading, work experience and total immersion in the reality of caring for my children. What I really need is someone who is worth so much that costs and expenses have no meaning to them, someone who has no idea what life is like for most people, someone who has a personal staff to do everything for them and agree with whatever they say to tell me how to think, vote and feel. Thanks guys. Now that you’ve told me how to live, I can go back to worshipping you from afar.

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