Doug and I were both surprised by a recent Noah-ism. I was especially interested in the comments his readers made about what children should and shouldn’t say. When I was a child, it didn’t just matter what the word was, but also how the word was used. Anything said wrong could get me in big trouble with my father. He did try to practice what he preached since I never heard him swear until I was a teenager and I was a teenager who deserved curse words inflicted upon me. I was married with children before I ever heard anything even remotely questionable from my mother. Several months ago, Amy said “butt” and a visiting preschooler told her that it was an ugly word which she shouldn’t use. His family used cute little words for body parts, like booty and bottom. Shortly after that, Amy declared that she would just call it a “bootus”. I see nothing wrong with my children saying that babies eat from their mommy’s breasts. My children all know exactly what body part babies use as a doorway into the world. I’m less clear on the use of words that aren’t in Carlin’s dictionary.

2 thoughts on “dagnabit

  1. The comments are precious.
    I never heard a curse word out of my parents’ mouths until they came to America. Then the floodgates opened. Especially when my Dad was teaching me to drive. I had always thought of him as a nerdy kinda guy. Turned out, he had been a virtuoso all along.
    My kids swear. I don’t care. So do I. As long as they have the common sense not to do it in class or in church or in front of a five-year-old, I’m fine.

  2. This is a tough one.

    On one side of things, I don’t want my daughter using “vulgarities”, but on the other side of it, I hate the stupid names people use for body parts.
    (For example, it is a “vagina” not “your private place”, “hoo ha”, “hoo hoo” or any other such nonsense).

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