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Noah’s room mother left me a voice mail last night.

“I see that you aren’t volunteering to help in the classroom this year (younger siblings aren’t allowed at school) and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind putting together treat bags for Halloween. Candy isn’t allowed at school anymore, so just fill it with school supplies and small toys. Thanks.”

It makes it nearly impossible to get out of it without saying that I just can’t afford to do it. You know, even if I had money, that seems like something that only a clueless wealthy parent would ask.

5 thoughts on “just send cash

  1. WHA? In our class, all parents are asked to contribute… not have one parent fill the treat bags for the whole class! Just call her and say Goldie told you not to do it.
    Our school went through the “no sweets allowed” phase… one year, I bought toy recorders at a party store and sent them in, one for each kid. The kids all got them out in class and started playing… that put an end to that.

  2. u could always swear you never received the message or it was garbled and you couldnt tell who it was from 🙂
    dont give in!

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