Is it November 8th yet?

Political candidates are followed and scrutinized 24/7 by people trying to ‘catch’ them doing something wrong. Everything they, their family and friends have ever done becomes public information because we ‘need’ to know. Most people would never subject themselves and the people they love to the criticism and abuse of a campaign. Instead of saying exactly what their political goals and objectives are, the campaigns are glossy advertisements with catch phrases and opponent bashing. To keep from being pinned down, candidates dance around questions instead of answering them. Advisors tell the candidates how to think based on current public sentiment and/or money. Political parties play our heads against our hearts. Overpaid celebrities want the unwashed masses to let Hollywood make all decisions. Disenfranchised Americans feel their vote is worthless against the media’s announcements of who is certain to win and claims of voting crimes. Americans who believe that questioning or disagreeing is unpatriotic, don’t leave their plastic bubble long enough to vote because “everything is fine the way it is’ or they vote for the status quo because ‘change is bad’. Americans don’t even consider voting important enough to close businesses so that employees can spend the day voting and helping others get to the polls. Why even bother? Be cynical, be angry, be hopeful and VOTE!

3 thoughts on “Is it November 8th yet?

  1. This election is the closest I’ve come since I started voting seriously to deciding just to chuck it all and not vote. Right now I’m about 50/50. I don’t like Corker or Ford. I’m for Bredesen but I don’t think he needs my help. I could care less about Pettigrew or Campfield and can’t really believe what their supporters or detractors say… Duncan’s in again. Can’t vote on city initiatives, charter uncertainty makes amendment votes basically meaningless.

    The only real issue is the state gay marriage vote. I don’t imagine I’ll be able to sway that one either way.

    Can’t decide…

  2. Politics seem to have gotten worse in recent years, it really is terrible that such important decisions are made by people who have used every trick there is to get into office.

    And this goes for any politician, of any party. The old saying “anyone capable of getting themselves elected should not be allowed to do the job” applies now more than ever.


    (that said, I voted over a week ago here, and unless Diebold fixes things, hopefully it will even count)

  3. Very nicely put. I am frustrated with it all as well, but that has only made me MORE active, rather than less. Guess I am an oddball in that sense.

    Of course, that is easier here, because as nasty as the Menedez vs. Kean Jr. election has been up here, it doesn’t hold a candle to the games of the Ford vs. Corker battle.

    Oh, and Barry… believe it or not… staying home is exactly (I think) what a lot of these guys want you (and me, and anybody who thinks that is) to do. They don’t want people who actually pay attention to the issues, try to understand things before they go to the polls. No they want you to stay home. Only knee jerking lemmings are needed.

    You want it to remain that way? Then stay home. Want better. Throw it in their faces. Get out and vote.

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