where’s mom’s candy?

Today, November 1st, is “Candy Intervention Day”. Sure, you checked your children’s sweets for needles and razor blades last night, but did you save them from the wrong candies? As soon as their over-sugared little feet have stepped out for school, pull the bags of loot down from the top of the fridge. Is that a dark chocolate miniature in there? They won’t like it. Protect them by eating it for them. A vanilla tootsie roll? Wouldn’t want to shock a little person expecting a regular tootsie roll. Shove it in your purse to eat during afternoon carpool. Dig thru those plastic pumpkin buckets until you have enough stashed away for yourself to last you thru the week. You’re only thinking of their best interest.

One thought on “where’s mom’s candy?

  1. My daughter actually does that on her own as soon as she returns from Trick Or Treating. She makes three piles, one for her, one with the stuff “mommy and daddy like” and a third pile (Other) that she brings to Sunday School for “Kids who don’t have candy” (She started this last year… ON HER OWN).

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