let it go already

If someone is interesting enough to be able to tell a joke, they are not going to get elected. Politicians should not try to tell jokes. If you make a mistake, just say you’re sorry. Americans know that choosing to join the military has nothing to do with intelligence or grades. I graduated from a private school in Memphis. Only ONE person in my graduating class joined the military to get his education and career training. The people in my neighborhood went to the nearby public high school. Two thirds of the class I would have graduated with joined the military. The private school had just as many flunkies, clowns and whatever you want to call them as the public school did. The difference was parents who did or did not have money to allow their children choices, even if the choice was to party on their trust funds for a few years. Now get your eyes back on the ball and stop letting them distract us from the real issues.

One thought on “let it go already

  1. Not sure I agree with the “politicians shouldn’t tell jokes part” because Al Gore is damn funny. But, you are totally right on with your assessment of how people end up in the military or not.

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