sticky everywhere

Today is wrapper day. Look under the beds and behind the desks to see all the empty candy wrappers. “I don’t know how that got there.” Evan has declared his love for suckers/lollipops/candy-on-a-stick. He stands in front of the fridge with both arms straight up in the air and screams like an air raid siren. Eeeeeeeeeee! Every time I look away, one of his siblings has given him another one. “But he needed it Mom.” By the end of the day he was so sticky I could have attached him to the wall like a piece of velcro. He took two baths last night. Yuck.

2 thoughts on “sticky everywhere

  1. Y’know, you should’ve just stuck him to the wall! (Do you remember the Little Rascals episode where they were babysitting and glued the kid in the diaper to the floor?)

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