not worth the cost of gas

There have been some rumblings from the peanut gallery asking why I am not working right now. I graduated from MTSU with a double major in Sociology/Psychology and a minor in Theater about a month before Sarah was born. I could have gotten my teaching certification if I stayed another year, but it was a year of student teaching and I was more interested in my newborn. When my first husband left us, I went back to school at UTK. The education department turned me down because I was older and had children. I should have fought them harder, but I was too beaten down at that point. I got a job offer when I was just two classes shy (World History I & II) of a second degree, this time in Human Services with an Interpreting minor. I am one of those geeks who actually likes doing research. I consider myself fairly computer literate and I know childrens’ mental health issues from inside and outside perspectives. I live and breathe Asperger’s/Autism and all of the therapeutic, behavioral and medication issues that surround it. I am worth 12K a year if I work full-time, available to travel anywhere and anytime. I know because that is what I did for my entire pregnancy with Amy. I travelled the state, spent my every waking moment on the phone or computer and got absolutely no respect from my employer, clients or family. In the end I was so exhausted that I spent the last month of pregnancy sick. While I was in the hospital giving birth, my employer was leaving me voice mail messages asking me to do things for him. Even if I had a work wardrobe (which I don’t), do you know what it would cost to have childcare for 5 children? Until I find a better option, my place right now is with my children, spending my spare moments working on the drafts of the non-fiction books I am writing.

2 thoughts on “not worth the cost of gas

  1. Oh for heaven’s sake. Tell that peanut gallery to STFU and mind their own bees wax. Not working? What do they think you do all day? Lay on the couch, watch soap operas and eat bonbons?

    When I was a SaHM, I got this crap too. I just gave ’em the mental finger and went on my way.

  2. There’s infinite value in staying at home with your kids. I wish more people realized that.
    Tell the peanuts to go back in their shells.

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