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  1. I find them particularly difficult on blogger, where sometimes you can enter the proper information, and it still takes you several attempts to do it, presumably because the “Captcha” seems to time out if you take “too long” to write the post.

    I also don’t like the one’s that are case sensitive, as the font that some of them use make it quite difficult to determine case on some letters.

    But as jonathan says, it is really (unfortunately) a necessary evil.

  2. Those are called captcha and I think they were the worst fad ever. I have several reasons but my main complaint is that captcha codes are not 508 compliant. Basically that means captcha not only eliminates non-humans but also people with sight problems, including the blind that use special hardware, and color blindness as well as non-traditional devices for reading data from websites. In short, captcha is not accessible.

    I have to disagree with Jonathan because with tools like Spam Karma and Akismet, captcha is not necessary.

  3. Doug, you are correct in saying that Captcha is not 508 compliant. By definition, it CAN’T be, because it is designed to be a “Human Only” tool.

    And I must disagree with you opinion of what makes captcha not necessary. Both work like “Spam Blocker” and both get a lot of false positives, so you still need to sift through all the machine generated junk.

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