crazy is good

Doug and I are a little bit off. We know that. With our crazy glasses, we can see that the whole world is a bit off, they just don’t embrace the crazy like we do. The crazy people who deny their own crazy and negatively judge others are the unhappiest people I know. Doug and I are happy. We love our eccentricities. We love our friends who wear their own crazy with the pride that you wear an Easter bonnet. Sometimes I’m surprised by who gets us. “You guys are really happy together. You struggle to make ends meet, but you just love each other so much, you make it through the tough stuff. You’re gonna be fine.” – my father. Sure, I have so much anxiety that it sneaks out in physical symptoms. Doug loves me and takes care of me when I get myself so worked up that I’m crying from a migraine or camped out in the bathroom. Yes, Doug is Bert & Ernie all rolled up in one person. I love everything about him, quirks and all. Today I am thankful for the crazy.

Still thankful for: my mother the worrywart, stinky teenagers and disposable diapers & indoor plumbing.

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