about that card picture (part 2)

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get 5 children to be in the same place, at the same time? There is far too much wiggling, giggling and funny faces. The worst offender, though, is the 18-month-old who is never, ever still. Everyone else would pose and Evan would dash in front of the camera before zipping off to do something. We tried holding him, bribing him and entertaining him, but he still never quite stood where he needed to stand. There were dozens of pictures with Doug’s arm trying to hold him in place. In the end, we used a picture with Evan literally running by the four posed, well-behaved (mostly) children. The result has Evan so much closer to the camera than the others that his head looks hugely oversized. No mother will ever deny that her children have big heads, but Evan’s head really isn’t as over-sized as it looks in this year’s picture. I have just one more post to make about the picture before I actually show you the picture. I’ll go ahead and give you a hint. It’s about Doug.

2 thoughts on “about that card picture (part 2)

  1. Notice how I didn’t have a picture of our family on this year’s card? When the kids asked why we had a picture of a bush on our card instead of them, I had to explain that at least the bush stood still.

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