one less tooth

Looks like the tooth fairy will be visiting Noah tonight. The tooth fairy leaves one dollar coins at our house. They are hard for the fairy to find and even harder for the children to spend. “It’s too cool to spend.” Lucky for the tooth fairy, the post office stamp machines give Susan B. Anthony coins as change.

3 thoughts on “one less tooth

  1. I have been hoarding the Gold Dollar coins for some time now for just such purposes. My daughter calls them “treasure” and wouldn’t dream of spending them (she won’t even put them in the same bank as her other money.

    Fortunately, next year the new President Dollar Coins should start rolling out.

  2. We have a vending machine at work that accepts up to a $10 bill (they had to find a way to get people to buy overpriced potato chips, I suppose)

    Sometimes it gives dollar coins as change, and I agree – they’re too cool to spend. Almost.

  3. When my son lost his first tooth, it was right before bedtime….tooth fairy had nothing smaller than a $5 – a very expensive precedent was set – Susan B. Anthony sounds like a bargain……I’m just glad we only have 2 kids…whew!!

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