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Okay, things are never as bad as they could be. This story breaks my heart on many levels. I have the same birthday as Burt Bacharach, but am the same age as his daughter. The last concert I attended was Burt Bacharach. More than anything, it wrings at the heart of every parent, especially those with a special needs child. My child could make a bad decision with his differently wired brain. How do I protect him? Will my child be happy? Will my child find people to connect with as friends and lovers? Will other people see in my child the wonderful person that I see?

If my children ever make threats to harm themselves, even during selfish, bratty tantrums, it WILL be taken with complete seriousness. Life is too short and precious. No problem is too big.

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  1. There, but for the Grace of God …

    I spend many months living in terror that my son would decide that he had finally had enough of dealing with his demons. Miraculously, we both survived. But I am once again traveling those dark highways, this time with another child. Since shortly before Thanksgiving, I have been fighting that same unseen demon for the life of my child. (If the anonymous snarker hangs out here too, THAT’S where I was. Now please go stuff yourself somewhere dark and smelly).

    It is a nightmare that I would not wish on my worst enemy.

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