Cuddle Up Day

Today is “Cuddle Up Day“. That sounds so warm and fuzzy. I could try cuddling with Doug, but he falls asleep when he’s still and the loud snoring isn’t very snuggly. Although I am allowed to scratch his back until my arm falls off, any other physical contact with Tommy is only allowed for a nanosecond. Trying to get a hug from Sarah requires trapping her in a corner and as with any wild animal, forced hugs are not well received. Noah will cuddle as long as he has something else to do and the beeping of he DS is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Amy is willing to cuddle as long as she’s tired enough to actually be still, otherwise she’s too busy for cuddling. Evan is about as calm as the Tazmanian Devil when he’s awake, but when he’s sleeping, he snuggles up against me and lets me breathe the tendrils of his hair endlessly. So, I guess I’ll celebrate “Cuddle Day” tonight.

One thought on “Cuddle Up Day

  1. Seems like a bad thing to combine with “Bean Day”

    Of course, with Evan between us, it can be “Cuddle Up with The Bean Day”

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