I like “new to you” aka hand-me-down clothes. I like them for the adults or the children. A bag of toddler boy clothes just arrived in our house from the Indiana cousins. Amy latched on to these boots. These boots have been in our house before. Tommy’s reward for becoming potty trained was this pair of black cowboy boots. He pointed to the pair he liked in the Murfreesboro, TN store and his Granny went to find them in his size. In the blink of an eye that it took for us to watch her walk to the salesman, Tommy removed the shoes he was wearing AND his pants. For some reason, he felt he had to remove the pants to try on the boots. Tommy can’t remember running down the store aisle in his underwear, but I will never forget chasing him past the snickering grown men who were looking at much larger versions of this boot. Amy’s foot is the size that Tommy’s was when he was more than a year younger than she is now, so I feel confident that she’s going to have tiny feet. Tiny feet and BIG personality.

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