I had a dream

Drifting in and out of fitful migraine sleep last night, I dreamed I fell in a large sinkhole. There were wild animals in the hole and even in my dream I was hurting. Afraid or unable to move, I laid there hoping for Doug to rescue me, even when I could hear him shouting at me to climb out of the hole. Today my head still hurts and my jaw aches and pops, because I unconsciously grit my teeth when I am stressed or in pain. I need a walking in a field of flowers dream tonight.

5 thoughts on “I had a dream

  1. I dreamed our teenage daughter admitted that she was shooting heroin with high school seniors and college boys while the rest of the family worked at a charitable cause.

  2. Ben – That would be quite fine with me. 😉
    Doug – Thank you for the nightmare.
    Danny – Sorry. Nothing that important.

  3. Well, if somebody had thrown firecrakers at you, then I would say you were reliving the end of “The Saga of Doug vs. The Squirrels”

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