de-lurking week?

If someone is lurking around in the shadows, wouldn’t jumping out and yelling “I’m here” just be scary? Wouldn’t it be nicer to make a comment that somehow applies to a recent blog post? Doug recently posted a weasley (sorry, Ron) list of things you can do to make your favorite blog writers feel appreciated. I disagree. I propose the following instead:
1. Leave a comment related to something they post
2. Make a post on your own blog that agrees or disagrees (politely) with one of their opinions
3. Laugh when they’re funny, groan when they’re not and kick them in the pants when they are wallowing in self pity. Bloggers don’t expect all commenters to be sycophantic suck-ups.
4. Make comments about their flickr pictures.
5. Keep updating your own blog. You are important, too.

7 thoughts on “de-lurking week?

  1. I’ve been reading (OK, lurking) for several months now. Found you by way of KAG’s blog.

    I have no clever comment today, either. Sorry; I’ll try again. 🙂

  2. Barry – I know a blogger who deletes any comments that don’t praise her. She doesn’t deserve ANY feedback. I’ve seen some nasty debating over at KnoxViews.

    DanceDiva – KAG is a GREAT writer!

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