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Last night, Doug and I used a Blockbuster gift card from Christmas to rent two movies that we could grab quickly in order to minimize the amount of damage Evan inflicted upon the store displays. The first movie was “Flight of the Phoenix“. It wasn’t terrible, but I would rather watch the original version than this one again. In trying to update the story, the writers made the story weaker, the characters less human and the believability factory, nil. The second movie was “Idiocracy“, which I already knew is being pushed as a new ‘cult favorite’. I like cult movies that aren’t gore. I could watch Harold and Maude over and over again. Last night I decided the real definition of a ‘cult’ movie is one that is fun when your brain is affected by sleep deprivation or chemicals. I started watching Idiocracy after 11 p.m., so I went for the ‘so over-tired that everything is funny’ model of movie watching. It was hard to watch the stupidity of it (think Hitchhiker’s Guide meets Airplane stupid), but the satire of our culture is sometimes dead-on perfect. Since Doug slept through this one, I’ll be watching it again and that’s okay with me.

2 thoughts on “movie thoughts

  1. Flight of the Phoenix was very disappointing. There was never any doubt that they would succeed, which made the suspense very unsuspenseful.

  2. They didn’t even look that weather beaten. When they flew out I kinda thought that if the nomads weren’t on their tail that they could of hung out a few more days and partied it up.

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