3 thoughts on “scary teachers

  1. Yes… I would be. This doesn’t sound like the most sanitary practice in the world. After all you could wind up with kids that handle found roadkill on their way to school, etc. Not exactly the smartest thing. Not to mention most parents would most likely be less inclined to cryogenically freeze the carcass to preserve it as your husband is 😉

  2. It was funny dropping them off at the school. I handed over an insulated lunch bag. The office volunteer reached out to take it while I said it was for Tommy’s Zoology class and she pulled her hand away from the bag while stepping backwards. “Is it dead or alive?” Apparently the class has a reputation.

  3. Here is one of his freezers. There is a black bear, a dear, and a wolf in another one. I think the bear is going to win.

    The students actually get to perform the taxadermy and they do it for the classroom not as a hobby. The teacher is incredibly cool. More than one parent tonight wanted to come to his class..

    In the coming weeks they will learn orienteering and he will hide cookies around the campus. The students with crumbs on their faces pass. They will also do rappelling. The class requires special permission by the state each year.

    His teaching philosophies and reasons for teaching the class are outstanding!

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