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Chicka Nuts didn’t like Little Miss Sunshine. I thought it was wonderful. On the other hand, everyone in the world except me loved Adaptation and Lost in Translation. The popular Cold Mountain was the most depressing thing I have ever seen on screen. I love Wes Anderson movies EXCEPT for The Life Aquatic. With the exception of the movie that started this rambling train of thought, Little Miss Sunshine, I have seen none of the movies nominated for Oscars this year, but I’m looking forward to seeing Waitress. For the most part, I can usually find something to enjoy about most movies and a lot of television. I feel a little sad when people only see what’s wrong with movies and television instead of just going along for the ride, even if it’s a merry-go-round instead of a roller coaster. I don’t really have a point to make here. I guess I got hit with Doug’s stupid stick today.

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  1. I didn’t care at all for Lost in Translation either. Totally not what I expected – and i like some pretty twisted and warped stuff.

  2. I loved Lost in Translation, it struck a nerve with me for some reason. I look forward to seeing Little Miss Sunshine. Although I haven’t seen it, I am already a big fan and considered buying it instead of renting it. I’m afraid I might be too excited about the movie and be disappointed. I think so long as you know what to expect from a movie (Dude, Where’s My Car is supposed to be stupid, don’t hold it to a high standard), then you should be able to find the pure pleasure in a movie for what the movie is instead of looking for fault. (BTW, Adaptation was torturous for me. I just didn’t get it.)

  3. Yeah, I thought Lost in Translation was OK, but a little overhyped.
    How can you not like Life Aquatic???? I mean, the Bowie ALONE is enough to make it one of the best movies of the decade? I’m a fan of all the Wes Anderson flicks, but that one is by far my favorite.

  4. Life Aquatic looks like a play that translated poorly and the ending feels like they ran out of budget. “No more money? We’re done.” Rushmore and Tenenbaums were MUCH better ensemble pieces.

  5. Loved Little Miss Sunshine. Lots.

    Hated Lost in Translation. Saw it on the second date nearly three years ago; boyfriend and I still laugh about that night.

  6. I like Lost in Translation and Little Miss Sunshine as well.
    I just dig those small movies that really are about human behavior. I didn’t like Life Aquatic at all and I thought I would.

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