the kiss

Doug is so busy coding today that I’m getting auto-responses from his computer. My parents are visiting Parsons, so no grandchild sleepovers with the grandparents this weekend. Sarah is on a class trip to the art museum in Atlanta and I’m more than a bit jealous. So, here’s a fuzzy cell phone pic that I took yesterday. I thought it was sweet, but Doug thinks it’s a bit too much. What do you think? I think I’m abusing “so” the way teens abuse “like”.

5 thoughts on “the kiss

  1. The fuzziness of the picture makes it look like a “softened” studio shot.

    This is what I qualify as a torture picture for when they get older. Nothing can take the winds out of the sails of a child’s date quicker than showing thier boyfriend/girlfriend pictures like this.

    “ewww… you kissed your brother”

    Not exactly what I would call, “mood setting”


  2. Awww, I honestly thought it was one of those vintage postcards. You have very cute children, and you are a great photographer!

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