not my child

I’m not part of the cool bloggers club, so I don’t get to award perfect posts or give great writers the attention they deserve, but this post is a must-read. Start at the beginning and read every word. No skimming. All parents think that it’s somebody else’s child who does such things. Some of us know better. We worry about the things that others take for granted. From the most horrible to the most wonderful, we understand that anything is possible. Every name on the cover of the newspaper is someone’s child. Someone like me or maybe even you.

2 thoughts on “not my child

  1. thank you for linking. it’s true, isn’t it? kids everywhere are our kids. as you said in the comments, the wonderful and the horrible are all possible. i, too, will lead my heart to hope.

  2. That is so scary. I had a hard time sleeping. LilProgrammer is always playing with knives. Good thing is, he never hurt anybody in his life. My heart breaks for both boys.

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