pushing your buttons (part 1)

My feed reader has been so quiet today that I questioned its’ functioning today. Let’s see if I can say something that causes a reaction from anyone.

Doug and I don’t spank, slap, swat or whatever word you want to use for inflicting physical pain on your own child. When I see someone haul off and whack their small child, I physically cringe for the hurt that child just suffered at the hands of the person they trust the most in this world. Do I think the government should step in and make it illegal to use corporal punishment? No. Do I think parents should know better? Absolutely.

2 thoughts on “pushing your buttons (part 1)

  1. Oooooo, what a topic.
    I side with you to a large extent, that corporal punishment is a rough thing. That said, I’ve laid it down on a rare occasion, when the boy has done something that crosses a line in an enormous way. Can’t think of an example, right now.
    Weakness on my part? Probably. It most likely could have been resolved without violence, and yes, I’m displaying aggressive mammalian behaviour when I do it.
    However, I don’t think its totally unjustifiable.

  2. Touchy subject. Can’t say I have never spanked my kids. Don’t like it but I have. If I had to estimate how many times last year I spanked the 9 year old – maybe once. The 16 and 11 year old – not at all. I threaten them alot. That works until they figure out I’m all talk. They know what buttons not to push with me.

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