Sarah really likes the aquarium

Warning: A late night story with a topic you would usually read in Doug’s blog.

The grandparents took everyone to the aquarium today. I took a zillion pictures of the trip. Near the end of the aquarium is a hands-on area with musical rocks, a morse code signal light, a treasure box that blows air in your face when opened, opportunities to touch fish and more for children to run wild while the adults collapse on benches. After Doug sent me crawling into a cave to see glowing fish, Sarah dragged me over to see “the coolest thing.” She declared, “I really like this!” and pulled me onto a metal fish in the floor which immediately started humming with such vigor that I could feel it, everywhere.
“I can see why you like this Sarah.”
“Can Dad make one for home?”
“Umm, go ask your father.”
I quickly hopped off before anyone could accuse me of enjoying the vibrating fish too much.


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